University of Wisconsin–Madison
Advisor Jonathan Ferguson (left) meets with undergraduate Nastassia Satahoo (right) at the Career Exploration Center (CEC)


These are the following UW-Madison campus resources that Posse Scholars can utilize throughout their academic experience.

  • CeO


    Center for Educational Opportunity is a campus-wide program open to students from various disciplines. TRIO works with over 500 students per year. Our mission is to provide a supportive learning community which fosters an equal opportunity for success in higher education.

  • Multicultural Student Center


    Since the fall of 1988 the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) has provided out-of-classroom experiences where students and other members of the University community can learn about and appreciate other cultures. The UW-Madison campus values diversity and the MSC has been providing opportunities by which differences can be celebrated. The MSC focuses its resources on the needs of five designated student of color groups (African American, American Indian, Asian American, Chicano and Puerto Rican). The Multicultural Student Center is a unit of the Office of the Dean of Students and is located on the second floor of The Old Red Gym, 716 Langdon St.

  • Academic Advancement Program


    For 40 years the Academic Advancement Program (AAP), a campus-wide academic support program, has been genuinely devoted to the retention of selected groups of students and enrichment of their academic experience at UW-Madison. Throughout these years, AAP has provided a wide range of services to hundreds of students that demonstrated high potential for success in our institution. Accessibility, college-readiness initiatives, academic support, guidance, encouragement to continue and the information and advice they need to make informed decisions about their academic career are just a few of the many offerings available to AAP students.

  • The Writing Center


    If you are writing papers for an introductory course, whether it is Philosophy or Women’s Studies or Biocore or Political Science or English, an individual appointment with a writing instructor can help you make your first college papers more successful. As you begin to write longer papers within your major, you can come to the Writing Center for guidance in incorporating research, organizing longer papers, and citing sources. If you are writing a thesis-length paper or research project, or if your courses require papers regularly throughout the semester, you may wish to establish a “permanent appointment,” a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with an instructor to help you plan, write, and revise.

  • The Posse Foundation

    The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits, and trains incredible youth leaders from urban public high schools and sends these groups as “Posses” to top colleges and universities in this country.

  • University of Wisconsin Foundation


    To help support the UW Posse Program, Get Involved Now Gifts to the Posse Fund, which supports Posse student scholarships can benefit the leaders of tomorrow. Gifts may be named in honor of donors or their loved ones. Endowment gifts, also named, are encouraged to help ensure the long-term viability of the program. Gifts at this level provide support for a scholarship in perpetuity, and allow generations of students to realize their educational goals