UW-Madison Posse Leadership Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to two of our Posse Scholars, Ana Alba and Shehrose Charaina who recived a Leadership Certificate! These students are committed to developing their own leadership capacity and excelling both inside and outside the classroom.

Ana Alba

Hometown: Inglewood, CA, USA

Year: Senior

Major/Program: Electrical Engineering

Throughout my leadership experiences, I have learned how to listen to understand others by improving on my interpersonal communication. I have grown to be a more patient and selfless leader by practicing self-awareness through consistent self-reflection. This summer I will be interning at Collins Aerospace, and I will be graduating in December. I am seeking to use the Leadership Framework’s values and competencies to promote collaboration, communication, and self-reflection throughout all areas of my life.


Shehrose Charania

Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA

Year: Senior

Major/Program: Health Promotion and Health Equity with Certificates in Global Health & Public Policy

Through the leadership certificate, I have become self-aware by recognizing the barriers to knowledge that can exist. I gained skills on how to communicate, develop and implement programs that would increase the quality of lives and serve different populations. The leadership certificate reaffirmed the passion in me to play a role in improving the lives of Wisconsinites and beyond, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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