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Working Collaboratively with University and College Partners to Build Community

Posses Scholars, university and college administrators, and the general student body work collaboratively to make their campuses more interactive. Posse Scholars have met with university chancellors, presidents, provosts and deans to discuss campus-wide issues. Furthermore, Posse Scholars facilitate an annual PossePlus Retreat at which students, faculty and administrators discuss issues such as education, race, social responsibility, sexuality and their impact on the campus environment.

Posse Scholars become actively involved in student organizations. More than 70 percent of Scholars have either founded or become leaders of campus organizations. Scholars act as change agents on campus, significantly contributing to the influence and longevity of student organizations.

Posse Scholars help to increase the true diversity of college and university campuses. Through their presence and the more welcoming environment that results, Scholars help to increase the numbers of African-American, Asian, Latino, and other students from diverse backgrounds in the student populations at Posse partner institutions. Posses help the retention of non-Posse students who are not part of the majority culture by fostering an inclusive campus community.

Posse Scholars contribute to the classroom dynamic. Scholars bring to classroom discussions a unique and powerful perspective that promotes student participation and enhances the learning experience for all.